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didier ANDRE
16 Feb 2013

I would

15 Apr 2013

Hi Sr, excellent work. Thank you.

27 Jun 2014


21 Sep 2014

HI i want to make a pneumatic filling machine for liquid could you list the things i will need please.

23 Sep 2014

Ја бих да знам који програм ти скренем анимацију?
и да имате прилику да оригиналну анимац

28 Sep 2014

Many Many Thanks. It is very useful for understanding. Best regards!!!

18 Oct 2015


ahmed alaa
18 Nov 2015

man that is more than wonderfull, but i'm 100% sure that u can't draww all of this on adop flash as u said i'm going to dig up untill i find this software .finally thanks 4 ur help

18 Nov 2015

Dear Ahmed, thank you for your comment and visit to my site. I said Adobe Flash and AS3. I do not use frame by frame animation. I do my animations in AS3 in flash environment. Do not spent your time for looking some program doing these animations.

Akshay kumar
20 Feb 2016

I am a machine manu

16 Mar 2017

Hello i am a design student i want to know about some mechanisms regarding cutting or crushing stainless steel objects

24 Nov 2018


We use in our system a filter vibration system which is costing us too much money.
i was wondering if you can suggest a system that can reciprocate a pneumatic cylinder back and forth to shack our filter that is made of fabric.
The cylinder is controlled by an air flow valve for speed, and it is continuously working back and forth as long as air pressure is applied.

Thank you so much
Andy Vitalli

26 Nov 2018

You can use following system
However, I suggest that you should use electronic system such as an Arduino driven circuit.

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