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Which program do you use to create these animations?

I use Adobe flash to create all of my animations.

Can you help me with my design project?

Although I would love to help with design projects, I unfortunately cannot. First of all, I do not have enough time to help and second, working with someone via email is hard and projects tend to take much longer than anticipated.

Why do some of your animations only have video versions but not the real animation?

I believe for those animations the video demonstrates the concept clearly. Also some people shamelessly record my animations and publish them on YouTube as it is their own and it takes too much effort and time to get YouTube to delete them. And others also shamelessly decompile my work and cosmetically change the animation and present it as their own. So in an effort to stop this from happening I include videos instead of real animations.

Can I download your videos?

I do not have a download button, but I am planning on including one in the future. You can only use these downloaded videos for your personal work. You can NOT republish it by any other means.

Why are you not responding to emails?

Actually, I would love to respond to all of the emails that I receive. However, due to time constraints I am unable to respond to most emails. My busy schedule includes teaching at a local University, a personal commitment to publish one video a week and walking my dog, Winston, mutliple times a day. There are times when my schedule is more relaxed and that's when I respond to emails.