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Here is a pneumatic reciprocation mechanisms.

Continuous reciprocation can be achived by placing two bleed buttons at the stroke reversal points. If these buttons placed for head-on actuation, positive stops must be provided to prevent damage to the buttons if the cylinder should overtravel.
Note we used 5 way 2 position valfe for cylinder actuation.

Carl Brown
11 Mar 2013

how long is the stroke cycle?

11 Mar 2013

You can adjust stoke cycle by using needle valve.

Eric Burger
30 Jun 2014

What would be a pneumatic reciprocation circuit for a cylinder that has a known retract position but the extend position varies due to process variation? Can the extend be triggered by a high pressure setting?

19 Jul 2014

These are fantastic videos. Thank you for putting them on YouTube. I want to make a mechanism myself some day and I will consult with you for advice and equipment.

19 Jul 2014

I want to make a mechanism for pumping air from a wave riding float. Then, using many of these, employ the lightly compressed air to drive a central pump to raise water to an elevated reservoir. This water will then fall to drive a turbine back

13 Jan 2019


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