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01 Jun 2013

Is there any video of water hammer ,, applied in hydrauli RAM

cornelia ardeleanu
19 Nov 2013

Please send me all these movies about plants. I am a teacher and I would be useful to school. Thank you.

06 May 2014

all these are great video, appreciate for taht
for me as a turbine erection expert was awesome and injoied.
Thank you so much. in the future i will put some comments here on these videos

naim cano
26 Jan 2015

Please send me all these movie about automobile system. I am automotive teacher and i be iseful to schoo. Harry T. Fultz in Tirana, ALBANIA.
Thank you

Satish H Patel
22 Aug 2015

Great work.. Man,

Can you create a videos based on Solar electricity Generations

13 Dec 2016

Please re narrate the nuclear power video. The power plant should not be referred to as a nuclear bomb. They are not the same and it is wrong to tell people that they are. A nuclear bomb is completely different in every as

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