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This is a video of a nuclear power plant describing it's working principles.

How a nuclear power plant works?

zaw khin
28 Dec 2012

i want to see auto-gear system

02 Apr 2013

A pressurized water reactor is NOT an "aka nuclear bomb" as the video says at 0:31. Nuclear powered reactors have no where near the required uranium concentration to make it into a bomb. It is chemically/physically impossible. Nuclear bombs require a very high concentration which reaches critical mass upon neutron bombardment (and chain reaction) when it is set to go off. These pressurized nuclear power plants CANNOT create a nuclear bomb explosion. If the reaction gets out of control it will melt the fuel rods and surrounding equipment and if not properly contained can spread nuclear material. But it will NOT explode! Research the Chernobyl incident. It was a steam explosion (the out of control heat generation caused the water to flash to steam) and since the design had no containment vessel this steam explosion spread nuclear material in the surrounding city. It was not a nuclear bomb explosion! If it was, that whole place would have been leveled to the ground. Please stop scaring the people. -Allen, chemical and nuclear engineer.

18 Aug 2013

as Allen rightly says .... nuclear power plant is never be compare to be a nuclear bomb.... accident can happen to any where due ta a faulty design, maintenance or operation..... if we control it this is the most envsmntl friendly energy source we have to meet the demands..

05 Feb 2014

it is very nice and very useful to us

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