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19 May 2013

did you draw a train

23 May 2013

Dear who ever made these animations:

24 May 2013

in the name of God
your site is very usefull
thak you from your respect

27 Aug 2013

Do you have any information about the hydraulic circuit ?

24 Oct 2013


23 Nov 2013

I am glad I found you!

Marcelo - BRASIL
08 Dec 2013

TOP TOP de bola..... muito muito bom

Ed Jones
28 Jan 2014

Big Oil wants everybody and everything on its teat. Big Oil is a huge tax source for oil oriented big gov't that, in my opinion, was anti

23 Feb 2014

really awesome

24 Feb 2014

I built a four bar linkage to simulate a windshield wiper and

03 Jun 2014


10 Jul 2014

nice site for mech. broozzz.....//

24 Oct 2014

man i just saw ur one video and its really helpfull....
keep going on for more videos

21 Dec 2014

Your site is very nice

24 Dec 2014

i realy like this website , you know a component who have relation with sharing , or distribution

05 Mar 2015

thank you for making these videos.
and i want to know about other subjects like thermal engineering, mf&hm, p.t of separate sites

25 Mar 2015

I am mechanical design engineer. Its very informative for me.

25 Jun 2015

Hi there, what a great site! How do you do the animations of the levers? And how/where could I build and try out some self constructed ideas (with 5 or moreconnected pieces)?
Any advice for free or affordable programs is welcome!

13 Sep 2016

very informative, appreciate

spark max
06 Dec 2016

can you tell us what software you are using to create these animations
Answer by Mekanizmalar
I use ADOBE FLASH for my animations.

21 Feb 2017

I just found your site and this is amazing, I have been wanting to do some research into bird flight and the mechanics behind the more complex wing movement, and this is so helpful, thank you so much for posting all of your research and really nice diagra

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