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Turboprop Engine Temperature Distribution

Turboprop Engine View

Dr amir
06 Nov 2012

i enjoy in engine and turbine for airplane and aircraft so hope u update me if you have for sell also send me specifications and rpm and HP an fuel consumbitions ,,
thank you
Dr amir

31 May 2013

asta este numele si emailu meu

13 Dec 2013


Josè Antonio Mogrovejo
06 Dec 2014

Excellent explications about engines work,really marvelous,like me receive as soon as possible via e.mail a copy of this garret engines and GE jet turbines

30 Sep 2015

I think you have done a really good job on these animations! What software did you use to create them?

30 Sep 2015

Hi Phill, Thank you for your comment. I use Adobe Flash and AS3 for my animations.

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