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Fallowing video show working principles of a turbojet engine.

Turbojets consist of an air inlet, an air compressor, a combustion chamber, a gas turbine (that drives the air compressor) and a nozzle. The air is compressed into the chamber, heated and expanded by the fuel combustion and then allowed to expand out through the turbine into the nozzle where it is accelerated to high speed to provide propulsion.

Turbojet Engine Temperature Distribution

Turbojets are quite inefficient for commertial flights and very noisy. Most modern aircraft use turbofans instead for economic reasons. Turbojets are still very common in medium range cruise missiles, due to their high exhaust speed, low frontal area and relative simplicity.

Turbojet Engine View

27 May 2013

good thing.

18 Nov 2013

i want to knw all the mechanism especially worked in machines... may u help ..please

21 Sep 2014

good thing to show this video to understand easy by working. please send the all mechanism video to my e-mail adress

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