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In digital circuits, a flip-flop is a term referring to an electronic circuit (a bistable multivibrator) that has two stable states and thereby is capable of serving as one bit of memory. Today, the term flip-flop has come to mostly denote non-transparent (clocked or edge-triggered) devices, while the simpler transparent ones are often referred to as latches; however, as this distinction is quite new, the two words are sometimes used interchangeably.

A flip-flop is usually controlled by one or two control signals and/or a gate or clock signal. The output often includes the complement as well as the normal output. As flip-flops are implemented electronically, they require power and ground connections.

NOR SR (Set Reset) Flip Flop Logic Diagram
S R Q Q'  
1 0 1 0  
0 0 1 0 ( After S=1 R=0 )
0 1 0 1  
0 0 0 1 ( After S=0 R=1 )
1 1 0 0  

NAND SR (Set Reset) Flip Flop Logic Diagram
S R Q Q'  
1 0 0 1  
1 1 0 1 ( After S=1 R=0 )
0 1 1 0  
1 1 1 0 ( After S=0 R=1 )
0 0 1 1  

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Love the simulation! It should be noted however, that this is not a flip flop. Flip flops have a clock signal as to when they are allowed to change. This is a SR latch.

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