Please Let Me Know How Much You Like This (1 is very Bad - 10 is Excellent)

What is so special about a spring going up and down? Maybe that is why this animation has very low rating. However this is one of my best animation. Considering that I use only ActionScrip to animate, it was a challenging problem to make a spring animation, at least for me.

Here is how I solved this problem, I am sure there might be better solution for this but I could not find a reference for it when I develop this animation. First I created two movie clips as show below and called them left_spring and right_spring.

Then I wrote an ActionScrip class to draw a spring dynamically. When I put an instant of this class to the stage, I could define variables such as, how far the spring extends and what is its frequency.

In order to show inner workings of this animation I set transparency of left_spring and right_spring to %50 so in the animation you could see how overlapping section at the middle of spring is working.

There is a lot of math going on here, and the swf file of this animation is less than 5K. It helped me to learn a lot in ActionScrip animation and I love it.

You can see one of the application of SPRING in here.