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Here is a design concept about simple gearless wing flapping mechanism that I come up with. Initially I spent quite a long time to build gearless wing flapping mechanism. They were complex, not sturdy enough and I was not able to get desired wing flap angle to power an ornithopter. Recently I was working on animation titled trammel of Archimedes and it daunted on me that it could be used in a gearless wing flapping mechanism. This video will describe how to do it. I am planning to work on this mechanism for further improvement and I am open to suggestions to make it better. If you ever build one I would like to see a video of it and I can put a link to your video in my web page if it is based on this idea. I appreciate if you also give me credit in your video and put a link to this YouTube video in your page.

The mechanism consist of a trammel of Archimedes and a scotch yoke mechanism to power the wings. The advantage of this design is that it does not require complex gear mechanisms. By tweaking the design you can built a wing flapping mechanism with wide range of wind swept angle from zero degrees to 180 degrees. And it gives many possible solutions to advance the capabilities of this design with some add on mechanisms.

Since so many part are overlapping in this 2D animation, the mechanism can be seen as very complex than really it is. To overcome this problem first I will remove components from front face toward the parts further back. This will give you which parts comes before from which part. Later I will explain purpose of each part. Later my friend whose animation admired by more than hundred thousand people will create a 3D version of this animation where I am going to put a link in the description section of this video.