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This is a video of a class project done by Raoul D. Dib and Charbel S. Saleh at the Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering - Roumieh. They manufactured their mechanism from the animation shown in here. I am very happy that my efforts inspires young engineering students, and pleased with their contribution to my web site.

I would like to thank Raoul El Dib for providing the technical drawing of the parts he used in his material feed mechanism. If you are looking to build your own mechanism, I recommend you find the dimensions of your feed mechanism with trial and error. You will learn much more with trial and error than imitating Raoul's dimensions. Here is a project file you might download if you need further help LINK.

Location of Crank

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Use the dimentions given above.

Following two figures are deprecated. Please do not use them. I left them here just for reference.

Part 3

yoerun yan
10 Sep 2013


14 Sep 2013

what are the materials used in making this mechanism?

18 Sep 2013

It was such a great help! :D

30 Sep 2013

what's the use of that mechanism in the industry??

Raoul El Dib
03 Oct 2013

@Neil : The material I used is steel that i chose randomly (no tests were made to help me choose)
@jap : anything from packaging to bottle filling and labeling ( although i think it is now obsolete due to PLCs)

02 Nov 2013

por gentileza, eu fiz este mecanismo para alimentar uma produção de peça,mas estou com um ploblema :
quando o sistema retorna para pegar outra peça não da certo o sistema bate por baixo da peça oque pode ser

23 Jan 2014

please give a notes for this project....

23 Jan 2014

i need a word document&paper presentation for this project box transmission system

28 Jan 2014

I need a brief description of this project

07 Feb 2014

Can you send specification and calculation for this mechanism

Viper Eater
14 Feb 2014

Can I have some useful paragraphs about this project for my report?

05 Mar 2014

Can you send me specifications and calculations of this project

25 Mar 2014

sir can you send me soft copy of this please

04 Aug 2014

sir this is a really nice project. i wanted to know that is this project cheaper than roller conveyor if yes than how..?/

06 Oct 2014

hello sir, this is very minded project which i like most.
i want know that how this mechanism is more efficient in place of belt conveyor system???
i also want velocity and acceleration calculation of linkages.
thank you.

30 Jan 2015

plz mail its velocity nd accelaration calculations?

13 Feb 2015

hello sir,i want to know what is the specification of motor used

Selvakumar T
17 Feb 2015

hello sir, i want to full report for this project plz...

17 Feb 2015

Sir, The project is really more interesting . Can i get the complete specification of the project.I will like to do this project.Thank you

19 Feb 2015

dis project was so interesting & i gonna do dis 4 my mini project! will be very helpful for me, if u sent me the calculation details

alok reddy
22 Feb 2015

hello sir...its a gud project..i would like to know the principle used in this mechanism and advantages of it compared to conveyor belt method of transport...!!

15 Feb 2016

Hi sir's really nice project...i need so details about this project..which type of motor u can used sir?..i need motor specification sir..

15 Feb 2016

Dear Vinoth,
Thank you for visiting my web page. The motor used in this project was windshield wiper motor. The details can be found in here. Documentation Download

12 Jan 2017

Given Data is more than enough ,Awesome uploader ,use any material wood mechanism may also work,make notes of your own its so simple . maybe the easiest project ever

27 Dec 2018

good for dimesion active the all part

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