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What you see above is a Flash animation of an Oldham coupling. You can change the rotation speed or direction of the rotation. I made a model of an Oldham coupling which can be seen in the video shown below.

Below is the 3D animation of Oldham coupling I made by using Sketchup.

Below is exploded view of an Oldham Coupling.

An Oldham coupler is a method to transfer torque between two parallel but not collinear shafts. It has three discs, one coupled to the input, one coupled to the output, and a middle disc that is joined to the first two by tongue and groove. The tongue and groove on one side is perpendicular to the tongue and groove on the other. Often springs are used to reduce backlash of the mechanism. The coupler is much more compact than, for example, two universal joints.

The coupler is named for John Oldham who invented it in Ireland, in 1820, to solve a paddle placement problem in a steamship design. The middle disc rotates around its center at the same speed as the input and output shafts. Its center traces a circular orbit, twice per rotation, around the midpoint between input and output shafts.

11 Jan 2013

it is used to transmit angular motion parallel to othet axis.

Mahesh Honrao
14 Feb 2013

This is the best mechanism used for transmit same rotory motion from one shaft to anothe which are coaxial or having some eccentricity.

18 May 2013

What about the friction between the middle disc and each other? How do you prevent it?

abhinay nogariya
19 Jun 2013

it is a double slider crank chain

raghu bhandari
07 Aug 2013


Arjun kumar sharma
09 Aug 2013

It is used to connect those shaft which have leteral misallingment.

22 Aug 2013

what is the paddle placement problem ?

Rohit Asare
23 Aug 2013

thanks for the video its really helpful .
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Savy Singh
02 Oct 2013

Nice its easy to learn

Amar Gupta
25 Dec 2013

Awsome Animation now i came to know how it works ................ thanks....

01 Jan 2014

It Is Easy To Study

29 Jan 2014

thanks. hails to the world of virtual mechanisms...

Pinkesh Patel
07 Feb 2014

Oldham coupling use rotry to rotary motion when two shaft between little missaliement

10 Feb 2014

Can we make oldham's coupling using different material?which is cheaper than carbon and stainless steel

10 Feb 2014

Rajesh, You can use any material such as iron, aluminum, brass for the parts that drive and driven. For center part I recommend Derlin.

11 Feb 2014

Any mini projects about oldham's coupling?

13 Sep 2014

gud ... now i have got it ..... thanks a lot ;-)

jon morrel
13 Sep 2014

what is the maximum eccentricity of this mechanism?

shahanas sharif
21 Sep 2014

i am doin a mini project on oldhams couplin.

could someone provide any calculation or dimension for the design plzz

20 Apr 2015

Nice explanation, just be aware that output rotation will not be constant on a constant input, the more the axis are offset the greater rotation will vary, just as torque will.

05 Mar 2016

application of Oldham s coupling whare is used
Answer by Mekanizmalar
Where ever there is

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