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These are the pictures of a class project done by Raoul D. Dib and Charbel S. Saleh at the Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering - Roumieh. They manufactured their mechanism from the animation shown in here I am very happy that my efforts inspires young engineering students, and pleased with their contribution to my web site. You can find the technical drawings of Raoul in here.

I would like to thank Raoul El Dib for providing the pictures of his material feed mechanism. If you are looking to build your own mechanism, I recommend you find the dimensions of your feed mechanism with trial and error. You will learn much more with trial and error than imitating Raoul's dimensions.

Material Feed Front View

Material Feed Back View

Material Feed Top View

Material Feed Side View

Material Feed Motor View

12 Mar 2013

Is this only a simple motor or have you connected some speed reducer or any oyher small component with it as well??

12 Mar 2013

This is a car windshield wiper motor with built in speed reducer.

28 Jan 2014

How to design a material feed? What are the components is need for design?

28 Feb 2014

Currently i m working on this project. So please sent me soft copy related to this project

25 Mar 2014

i am also working on this project, so please send me soft copy or text material for project report file.

nessma gamal
21 Apr 2014

i'm doing that mechanism as my mini project .. and i want to know the equation of motion , velocity and acceleration of that mechanism , would you please help and sent me those equation . thanks

24 Sep 2014

hi sir,
we are working on this mechanism as our college project so,
please give me information about what advantages this mechanism gives in place of conveyor system????
any example of any industry that using this mechanism.

13 Oct 2014

we are currently working for this project, please give the soft copy or description about yhe project. It is very helpful for us

15 Nov 2014

Sir we are working on this project but we have some confusion about it like what is advantages ,disadvantage & application of this mechanism
So plz some help...

31 Dec 2014

I do this project With some modifications...
Can you plz send me the " DESIGN "

31 Jan 2015

Please...can send me the dimension of links....

20 Feb 2015

pl send the abstract

20 Feb 2015


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