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Gears are fascinating mechanical components and they have different size, shape, function and forms. It is sometimes to difficult or time consuming to make animations of a gear or mechanical component composed of gears, yet I wanted to show demonstration of these kind mechanism in my web site. This was a time consuming process, but the final result pleased me, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

In the video above we can see very clever device where a full planetary gear is in between half geared sun and half geared ring gears. Notice also that the gear almost makes half revolution when it engaged to the sun gear and almost two revolution when it engaged to the ring gear. I do not know what would be the application of this system be, but it is an interesting concept.

Olaniyi fredrick
28 Apr 2013

its interested & i wish to learn more about these mechanisms

13 Aug 2013

I have designed and build packaging machinery mos

07 Sep 2013

Have you ever tried Phun? or its successor Algodoo? They allow you to create 2D gears systems relatively easily? And they are free!

17 Oct 2013

any companies have these kind of gear set in California or other states?
i really like to get a small one to test (not large than 3.5" for the ring gear)
thank you

yusuf bemat
29 Sep 2014

hi my name is Yusuf I'm from India and I want to know all about gearbox system please help me someone

05 Jan 2015

Looks like the impacts on the teeth of the blue gear will eat it up pretty quickly if there is very much inertia attached to it.

Bob F.
24 May 2015

your gear reverse direction video awsome. i need this for a project, any chance you know the name of the system or where i could purchase these gears, thank you, Bob.

nisha rai
03 Jun 2015

really awesome video clip.It was a very clear example for my assigment

Raju Mollick
09 Jun 2018

A good mechanism for mechanical engineering. may be it will be helpful for gear system.

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