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The compact long stroke mechanism converts rotation motion to a reciprocating motion without using a crank mechanism. By using a laser cutting this mechanism can be manufactured very easily.

Assume that you have two similar gears cut from 10mm flat stoke which also has a center hole cut at the same time. You also have four disks cut from the same stoke with two holes on it. One hole is in the center and the second off the center. All of these internal holes are the same radius. The purpose of the central holes is to join the two circular disks to the two sides of the gears. The purpose of the off center holes is to connect a pipe where we can attach a reciprocating arm, and the propeller in one gear and a guide pipe in the second gear.

The two yellow colored cages shown here are mounted to the two sides of the gears such that the circular disk passes through the holes in the cages as shown. Later the two cages are connected to each other with nuts, bolts and spacers.

The resulting mechanisms can be used to pump water from a well by using a wind turbine. Since the horizontal axis wind turbines changes their rotation direction depending on wind direction, the reciprocation mechanism must pass from the center of this rotation. Unlike a crank and slider mechanism, the current design not swing sliding arm. Notice that the green arm only moves up and down, not side wise. This makes centering the rotation of the turbine around the sliding green arm easier.

The mechanism I described here is for guidance and may require some tweaking. Since I did not manufacture this I do not have a plan, however if you ever manufacture this design I would be happy to see a detailed plan of it.