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Capstan Gear

Capstan Gear

11 May 2013

it's so fantastic

20 Jun 2013

When ever I view your webpage and it's animations, the axiom "standing on the shoulder of giants" goes through my mind over and over.

Thanks for these imaginative, mind-stretching exercises

15 Mar 2014

Hello.would you please help me by sending this Flash Animation of a Camshaft? Thank,s a lot

09 Sep 2014

Your animations helps me to understand the concept practically, and it's also make me curious to learn. Thank you for providing these animations.

05 Nov 2015

Wouldn't the drum be rotating at a 3:1 ratio, not a 2:1?
The ring gear has 64 teeth and the sun gear has 32 so 32 / (64+32) = 1/3. Excellent animations though.

05 Nov 2015

Dear Rich, Thank you for your visit to my web page and excellent correction you have made. Yes, every three rotations of the arm the drum makes only one rotation.

12 Feb 2017

Love it! But as a novice to these devices, it takes a long time to figure out what their purpose is. A brief explanation at the beginning would be great. After watching this a few times, I assume that this device permits cranking at two different speed

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