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How does a Boxer Engine Works?

Boxer engines got their name because each pair of pistons moves simultaneously in and out rather than alternately, like boxers showing they are ready by clashing their gloved fists against each other before a fight. Boxer engines of up to eight cylinders have proved highly successful in automobiles and up to six cylinders in motorcycles and continue to be popular for light aircraft engines.

Boxers are one of only three cylinder layouts that have a natural dynamic balance; the others being the straight-6 and the V12. These engines can run very smoothly and free of unbalanced forces with a four-stroke cycle. They also do not require a balance shaft or counterweights on the crankshaft to balance the weight of the reciprocating parts, which are required in other engine configurations.

18 Apr 2013

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Barakat Latif
22 Jun 2013

It is wonderful this brief description . I thank you because you help us in our study

Barakat Latif
22 Jun 2013

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Phil Main
05 Nov 2014

I'm building a model of 1903 model A Ford with a 2 cylinder boxer engine, but I can't find a definitive answer to the locations of the intake and exhaust manifolds. Your help would be appreciated.

chinmay kothawade
15 Oct 2015

boxer engine info

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11 Dec 2015

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