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How does a Rack and Pinion Reciprocation Mechanism Work?

Here is a flash animation of a rack and pinion reciprocating mechanisms.

A rack and pinion is a pair of gears which convert rotational motion into linear motion. The circular pinion engages teeth on a flat bar - the rack. Rotational motion applied to the pinion will cause the rack to move to the side, up to the limit of its travel.

For example, in a rack railway, the rotation of a pinion mounted on a locomotive or a railcar engages a rack between the rails and pulls a train along a steep slope.

The rack and pinion arrangement is commonly found in the steering mechanism of cars or other wheeled, steered vehicles.

Note that in the animation shown, feed mechanism travels 4 times the length of the crank shaft (red).

17 Mar 2013

i need briefly to know about this mechanism

02 Apr 2013

it is the torque higher than the cam shaft?

07 Sep 2013

for study

19 Feb 2014

I need this mechanism. original files

01 Apr 2014


17 Apr 2014

i need this mechanism in automatic board cleaner

08 Sep 2014

Need an animation for this mechanism

03 Dec 2014

I need rack and pinion working briefly

Vishal sawale
18 Mar 2015

brief explaination to build a mini model of this mechanism

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