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How does Klann's Mechanical Spider Mechanism Work?

This is a flash animation of one possible configuration of the Klann linkage. The mechanism is an expansion of Burmester theory that converts rotary motion of the crank to linear movement of the foot for one-half rotation of the crank and raises the foot for the second half, returning it to the starting point. Two of these linkages, 180 degrees out of phase, will function as a wheel replacement.

A single leg is a six-bar linkage that consists of the frame, crank, connecting arm, lower rocker, leg and an upper rocker. The ground points for the upper and lower rocker in this configuration are vertically in line to allow a coupled pair of legs to articulate like the front wheels of a typical car for steering.

Mechanical Spider

A multitude of various other configurations are possible as described in the enabling portion of the patents that cover this linkage with alternate grounded pivot points in Mechanical Spider.

04 Dec 2012

good website

05 Dec 2012

I want the whole of mekanizms.
thank yuo

28 Mar 2013

very good,
I want you publish another Flash object

27 Apr 2013

please provide the mechanism of the robot and how to evaluate the lengths of the legs

30 Apr 2013

where were you guys 45yrs ago?

ayyapa thennavan
05 Sep 2013

please represent the nummber on top of the diagram....

Richard Feltham
09 Sep 2013


08 Oct 2013

Awesome website!!!!!!

Alexia Castiffer
05 Nov 2013

This linkage is so much easyer to creat. In my mechanical engineering firm we have designed many walking machines chairs and riding units but the klan linkage jetski was our best idea.

06 Nov 2013

I made this klann linkage as a representation part for a company project that I am working on. When I presented my model at the board meeting, the CEO was thrilled. Then he leaned closer and wispered in my ear "I need about tree fiddy." And that's when I realized the CEO was 8 stories tall and was a crustacean from the paleozoic era.

22 Jan 2014

Its my main project of final semster

22 Feb 2014

in this how can i change the triangle dimentions yer

06 Mar 2014


06 Mar 2014

how to calculate dimensions ..................lengths of the links ????

06 Mar 2014

how to calculate the dimensions?

09 Mar 2014

simple treat to the tech mind

13 Mar 2014

I'm having some problems regarding the 'nuts' which starts to loosen up or tighten , when the leg starts moving .... any kind of suggestions ???

09 Apr 2014

Shower bolt that's good stuff camber gain it handlebar

01 Sep 2014

Can i knw the standard dimensions....

06 Nov 2014

Would it be recommended to use the klann leg as a functioning kick stand? It'd have to be re-enforced and a pin lock system might be useful, but imagine it coming from some balanced middle point from a motorcycle, with a hit of a switch you no longer have to drop your feet to the floor again. Simple enough mechanism, cheap to make and wouldn't be so difficult to perfect the timing, similar to our "natural," feet based kickstand, it could even be programmed to auto drop n lift using a sensor connected to determine speed change.

09 Nov 2014

In regard to Ok's 'nut' problem. Solution; back the nut off a half turn and put a drop of super glue on the thread.
Fabulous concept

21 Jan 2015

how to calculate the dimensions.....

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