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The cardan-gear mechanisms invented by Girolamo Cardano in the 16th century is used to convert rotation motion to reciprocating linear motion without using linkages or slideways. In order to achieve this the gear ratio of the large gear to the small should be 2/1.

Cardan-gear mechanism image

The image above shows that the length of the arm is equal to the distance between the center of the large gear and the outer small gear. If this distance is equal to D, than the tip of the arm travels 4D for each revolution of the triangle block.

08 May 2013

very useful for me

14 May 2013

It's very useful for me when studying the mechanism chapters in engg

14 May 2013

Nice explanation

marc-andre menard
19 May 2013

i am interested to get the dxf of this :, thanks

11 Jul 2013

Can anyone say an equation for the distance moved by the center of arm for various position (angle) of the triangular link?

dhiraj hande
26 Sep 2013

thanks for such a information..........

22 Oct 2013

it's very nice to understand

16 Jan 2014

beautiful peice of mechanism...

22 Feb 2014

Very nice. i just start the playing with gear. kindly share the others mechanisms like this.

ruturaj arale
07 Sep 2015


05 Jun 2017

This helped me so much thank you!

Jose Luis
25 Oct 2017

Does somebody have the dynamic analysis, searching the velocity in the point link that is moving over the line?

Jesus Escobar
02 Feb 2018

Thanks, this helped me a lot.

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