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When a slider-crank mechanism approaches dead center, as shown in this animation when red links becomes straight, there is a rapid increase in the ratio of resistance Q to vertical driving force P.

This ratio can be expressed as

		Q/P = 0.5/tan(alfa)

Where alfa approaches zero when red links becomes almost a straight line.

This means that very great resistance can be overcomed by small force P. The toggle mechanism is used in many forms in practice. For example in the stone crushers as shown this flash animation, or presses, pneumatic riveters, friction clutches, etc.

Mohamed Namoora
02 Dec 2012

naaaaar :D

Jorma Miettinen
17 May 2013

Harjoittelen Visual Basicia. Tämä taitaa olla liian vaikea harjoitustehtäväksi. Höyryveturin koneisto onnistui, jätin suunnsn vaihdon pois, mutta vaati paljon aikaa.. Hammaspyörät voisi olla sopiva aihe.
Terveisin JVM

21 Aug 2013

how to draw this in Adams software

21 Aug 2013

please send abstract for this

28 Aug 2013

sir can you please translate in English of this mechanism

04 Sep 2013

how to drow this in adams

04 Sep 2013

abstact pleaseeeeee

18 Sep 2013

Not at all how I would build one

thotakura sai teja
29 Sep 2013

pls mention the links

30 Sep 2013

mention dimensions of links.

01 Apr 2015

sir how to draw this in adams software

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