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Here is a flash animation of Hoekens Linkage. The Hoekens linkage is a four bar mechanism that converts rotational motion to approximate straight-line motion.

Charlie Barfield
18 Mar 2013

the only thing this sim does not have is the ability to move the fulcrum of the blue lever bar (limited to middle). HINT: the ends of the grey bar can be moved, to change behaviour or to keep the simulation in view.

Charlie Barfield
18 Mar 2013

...And the sim doesn't like excessive acceleration (but because of that, it can indicate the forces exerted). The grey bar length can replace the need to adjust the fulcrum.

24 Sep 2013

animation seems to have some mistakes. center of the blue arm becomes sometimes not fixed anymore, but floating by the lenght of the blue arm

01 Apr 2014

where it is used??? give some example

06 Apr 2017

Isn't this linkage Chebyshoff's Lambda-linkage? Wikipedia shows other one for Hoecken's.

Dr. Samuel Doughty
04 Nov 2018

I don't see any animation at all. The screen is simply blank. What happened?

04 Nov 2018

You should have adobe flash player in order to see this animation.

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