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The Flyball Governor ( or Centrifugal Governor ) shown in this video is animation of this device from a steam engine. Power is supplied to the governor from the engine's output shaft by a belt connected to the flywheel. The governor is connected to a throttle valve that regulates the flow of steam supplying the prime mover. This in turn regulates amount of pressure acting on the piston. As the speed of the prime mover increases, the central spindle of the governor rotates at a faster rate and the kinetic energy of the balls increases. This allows the two masses on lever arms to move outwards and upwards against gravity. If the motion goes far enough, this motion causes the lever arms to pull down on a grooved collar, which moves a operating arm, which reduces the aperture of a throttle valve. The rate of working-fluid entering the cylinder is thus adjusted and the speed of the prime mover is settled in new position, preventing over-speeding or stalling the engine.
Mechanical stops may be used to limit the range of throttle motion which is not shown in this animation.

Flyball Governor

Miguel Rodríguez
26 Feb 2013

Dear Sirs, I teach control systems and I have found their animation on youtube. I'd love to put the video on my virtual teaching materials. Working in a public institution of Venezuela. This is t

Mohammed Mubeen
10 Mar 2014

I like it. I want to use this animation.

12 Aug 2014


22 Oct 2014

Thanks for your effort

Oka Baskara
01 Dec 2014

this video is very helpful. im working on my thesis right now, and my thesis is talking about governor. i want to ask some questions, would you like to reply to my email?

Thank you, i will wait your response

Mohd Shkil Siddiqui
22 Nov 2015


Sangram Subhash Tayade
26 Apr 2016

Amazing animation and understandable video

21 Mar 2017

If the setting comes loose and you have to readjust it then where do you start? What is the Actual adjustment procedure if you don't know the starting point?

04 Sep 2017

I like it..very useful to us..

23 Oct 2017

This video used for my practical examination

05 Feb 2019

i really enjoyed working with this tool it really helped me with the unit I was working on and I feel so much smarter.

16 Jan 2020

how can i use it?

16 Jan 2020

I mean about this toll which you use to make this animation, where can i make my own symulation like your?

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