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Controlling five LEDs with a button in a sequence with Arduino.

Using modulus operator we can turn on and off LEDs in sequence.

By using arrays we can shorten the code as seen below

29 Apr 2016

i'd like to do this with 1 button and only 3 led's what would the code look like for that ?

01 May 2016

In the second program change
int numberOfLED = 5;
int numberOfLED = 3;
and use first 3 LED.

20 Mar 2017

For the array I get the following errors, what's going on?

Button_Press-_Next_LED:1: error: expected unqualified-id before numeric constant
1: //
Button_Press-_Next_LED:9: error: expected unqualified-i

29 Mar 2017

Cut and Paste operation takes the line numbers also. Please delete all the line numbers from Arduino program after pasting it.

jim de groot
08 May 2017

thanks for the great code tought me a lot I am currently stuck at getting my head around the following line of code:
if (buttonPressCount % numberOfLED == i)
if I translate this it would be:
if I press the button once (1 % 5 == 1) so far so good
2, 3 and 4 are also well understood
but if you press the button 5 times it would be: 5 % 5 == 0 so that would mean that there is no LED to switch on because i (5) in this case does not equal 0. Could you explain this??

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